Found on the ‘net – 3

I’m going where the wifi doesn’t reach for a few days. In the meanwhile, I shall keep you busy with some superb posts I found on the ‘net. In the immortal words of Shamus Young, while I’m gone please “be nice, don’t post angry, and enjoy yourself.”

I don’t feel that I know enough about autism to comment as to the accuracy of this blog by Sarah Kurchak, discussing how autism is regarded and spoken of in martial arts. However, a lot of what Sarah says echoes my sentiments towards how way too many people treat my “learning difficulties” (I have dyslexia with a hint of dyspraxia). The general consensus is that they should be either politely ignored, as if they weren’t at times frustratingly obvious, or that they should be treated like ticks on my back, rather than a part of me. So I don’t know if Sarah is right about autism, but she’s right about me:

Martial autists don’t succeed in spite of their autism, nor the succeed only because of it, Rain Man-style. They succeed with autism. Like everything else about us as fighters, from body structure to psychological makeup, it provides a combination of strengths and weaknesses that can both make and break us in on the mats, or in the ring or cage. Wouldn’t it be far more intriguing to analyze autism as such, instead of reducing it to a two-dimensional barrier? Wouldn’t it be more fascinating to treat every neurodivergent condition this way?”


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