Grade-A claptrap.

Just to balance out the last post, here’s a collection of the most ridiculous-yet-superficially-at-times-somewhat-cogent statement my newsfeed brought me. Given that the hot topic these days is violence against women (thank you, Mr Trump), there’s a lot of that in here. Or it could be that there’s always a lot of that about, and I’ve been spending a lot of time pretending I couldn’t hear it. Hmm.

These are not exact quotes, because when people make outrageous claims they often dress them up in as much verbiage as they can gather. However, if anyone sees themselves reflected here: if I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about someone very much like you.


Legislating against violence against women ends up creating unnecessary restrictions on the population at large or punishing innocent men. We should go back to letting families deal with their own problems i.e. let a father beat up a son-in-law if it’s necessary to protect a daughter.

Sure thang. We’d have to remove a bunch of laws from our legislation in order to make vigilante justice legal, but I’m sure that could not possibly result in any unintended consequences. Justice has always been served best by farming it out to the people most affected by an incident, after all.

Also, as someone with no living male relatives, I relish the prospect of my 76 years old, 4′ tall mother trying to beat the shit out of someone who’s strong enough to beat up on me.


The problem at the root of violence against women is the decline of our civilisation. Traditional cultures protected and championed women’s rights.

<<Insert literally any history or anthropology book here.>>


The fact that rape is a crime under a country’s laws means that there can’t be a rape culture in that country.

  • Brock Turner.
  • Brock Turner’s dad.
  • Brock Turner’s sentence.


Power is given to individuals by other members of their group. Those people complaining of having no power need to look at themselves: they have no power because nobody trusts them with it.

<<Insert the transcripts of the 2016 US presidential debates here. Truly, western cultures are obviously meritocracies.>>

<<Also we never had any legislation or practices preventing certain groups from having or exerting any power whatsoever that wasn’t based on those groups real, intrinsic inferiority, honestly coughslaverycoughsuffragecoughantisemitismcoughHUACcoughNoIrishNeedApply.>>


Many more women than men file for divorce these days. This proves that women are easily bored/ flighty/ superficial/ entitled/ uninvested in relationships/ not to be trusted.

…because the person who fills in the paperwork is obviously the person at fault in the break-up. Couldn’t be the person who’s finally had enough of someone else’s bullshit, or the person who always does all of the paperwork for the household, or the person who’s willing to fork out the money to initiate the process, or…


Patriarchies are a myth created by modern day feminism.

Italian legislation stipulated:

  • Until 1956, a pater familia (aka “father of the family”) had a right to beat his wife in order to educate her and correct her behaviour.
  • Until ’68-’69, female adultery was punishable by law. Male adultery was perfectly legal.
  • Until 1970, divorce was illegal.
  • Until 1975, there was no legal parity between married partners. A husband had the right to make all decisions pertinent to a family (financial, legal, you name it).
  • Until 1981, “honour” causes could be used in court to request the mitigation of a sentence, so honour killings sentences could be lower than for murders with other motivations.
  • Until 1981, a man who abducted and raped a woman but then consented to marry her could not be convicted of the abduction and rape. Prizes for guessing how jolly that was for the women in question.
  • Until 1996, rape was a “crime against public morals”, not against the person. Yes, that’s kind of a big deal. The new law also included violence, threats, and the abuse of authority as means by which someone could rape a person.
  • …but then in 1999, a judge decreed that an 18 yr old girl could not have been raped by her 45 year old driving instructor, because she was wearing jeans at the time.


Women need to be empowered. When you’ve given yourself the ability and permission to kill someone if necessary, many problems just disappear.

Hmkay. So I give myself the ability and permission to kill people who treat me badly. My partner treats me badly. I kill him. I go to jail. My partner’s daughter is now an orphan. The combination of the three last factors puts an inexplicable crimp in our family life. But the problem of the man who was treating me badly has gone, and that’s all that matters, right?


Women who defend themselves against a rapist aren’t fighting for their lives, because most rapists don’t kill their victims.

Women of the world!  Next time someone tries to rape you, simply ask “Excuse me, Mr Rapist: are you intending to murder me when you’re done?” And if the answer is “of course not, my dear girl!” rest assured that it will be the truth, and please remember to scale down your efforts at self-defence accordingly. They’re only trying to rape you, after all.


In my days, rape was a killing offence.

In your days, was murder not illegal? Did women go to jail a lot? Did their fathers/brothers/ husbands? Was it a lot easier to dispose of bodies?

Are you a time-traveller?


2 thoughts on “Grade-A claptrap.

  1. Oh, and – I can only compare this subject to the one MM presents in his self-defense book, it is a complex dynamic issue and there are no simple one stop shopping solutions. If complex problems could be fixed by just one simple meme, WOW!


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