I keep hearing complaints about the “pussification” of the current crop of men. Apparently men are no longer “RealMen©” – they’ve all been rendered effeminate and ineffectual by some kind of nation-wide conspiracy (nature of the conspirators varies depending on who’s telling the tale). Instead of fighting and hunting and waving swords around and shooting and changing their own tires and working in STEM fields/down a mine, they’re spending all their time putting their beards in curlers and waxing their backs or whatever it is that “pussified” men do.

While that’s going on, there seems to be an increase in the number of women who fight and hunt and change tires and work doing whatever the hell they want to be doing. This increase it taking place regardless of the fact that women aren’t precisely encouraged by mainstream society to do any of that.

Now, I’m an easily confused person, ill-suited to theoretical thinking. Sometimes I need numbers, or a graph, or a flow chart, or anything concrete-ish to guide me through a chain of thoughts. But I look at the above two paragraphs, and, try as I may, I can’t make them stack up. I can’t make the equation work out. Thus far, by tweaking various variables, I’ve come up with three options.


Option 1: Society (or the government) is pressuring people into being “pussies”. The goal is to drive Real Men into extinction, because they can’t be tamed or controlled, and turn everyone into sheeples.

That means that women and men are both pressured into being women-like, because women are inherently sheeply. Equal pressure is being applied to both groups. Yet this is somehow resulting in the men becoming “pussified”, while at the same time the women are becoming unbecomingly “manly”.

I’m not a physicist or a chemist, so I don’t know the right technical terms; but know a lot about smashing things with hammers, so I have a practical understanding of strength. If I’ve got two different materials, I smack them both as hard as each other, and the first one breaks while the second one flips me the finger, I would tend to conclude that the second one is stronger than the first (or, at the very least, more resilient; which, for me, is a pretty damn important component of strength).

This theory seems to suggest that men are inherently weaker than women; yet they’re being made weaker by being forced to be more like women. And that just doesn’t stack up.


Option 2: Women, who are naturally weak, are now becoming unnaturally strong, thereby causing men, who are naturally strong, to become unnaturally weak.

Women are supposed to be “pussies”; it’s the natural order of things. When they reject their ordained sphere, they turn into rampant feminazis solely devoted to rendering men weak. When the men succumb to the pressure said feminazis put them under, they end up foregoing their natural inclinations – chainsawing and smacking things and wrestling bears – and instead end up engaging  in the weaknesses and appearance-focused traits of the “pussified” individual. As a result, the very fabric of society is rent. Insert doom & gloom.

This kind of makes sense, if you squint. Many women have access to young human beings, who are easily indoctrinated. Women could be unfairly targeting the young males of the species, deliberately sabotaging their natural inclinations in order to render them unnaturally weak, or to prevent them from realising their strength. We know this is doable. After all, elephant trainers used to tie young elephants to a stake they couldn’t move, which taught the elephants that there’s no point in struggling to break free, which meant that even grown-ass elephants could be kept parked by tying them to a tiny stick in the ground. Or so I heard; I haven’t tried.

My problem with this theory is not just that most of the women I know are simply not that evil, particularly when it comes to their own spawns. It’s that most of the guys I know are smarter than the average elephant. Eventually they would catch up.

This theory also seems to suggest that men can only be strong when women are weak like nature intended; yet if women are so inherently weak, how are they are somehow  managing to force an entire generation of men to be growing up weaker than them? That doesn’t stack up either.


Option 3: Young men and women are doing whatever the hell they want, regardless of their gender but, most importantly, regardless of what some older people think. And those older people don’t like that because it widdles in their cereals.

Maybe those older people have forgotten that, when they were young’uns, they were quite possibly equally disdainful of their elders. Maybe they expected to reach a certain age and automatically become authority figures, elders of the tribe, only to be rebuffed or ignored. Maybe they’re discounting the fact that young people enter the world that older people have created, and tend to have to deal with whatever they find there; if anyone is to blame for what ensues, it’s often the generation that went before them. Maybe they’re targeting young people to prove that they don’t want to be the elders of this tribe anyway, because the tribe sucks; and that could be true, or it could be a case of sour grapes.

The thing I find weird, though, is that I don’t generally see berating and belittling people as a way to help them shine. Some people may blossom under that kind of treatment, but many do not. In fact, abusers often convince their victims that they are inferior precisely to keep them under the thumb. It seems profoundly weird that people so invested in Manhood© and Strength© and suchlike stuff would engage in behaviours so unlikely to help cultivate those qualities.


Option 4: I’m overthinking, again.

Mischa said about this: “Men coming up with excuses to act superior to other men. Same shit, different day.” I think he might be right.


6 thoughts on “Pussies.

  1. Interesting analysis. I’ve seen the same phenomenon and the responses to it. I don’t care for either.

    For starters, the people complaining about how males act “these days” do in fact have a leg to stand on; I’ve observed behaviors in young men (I’m talking 18-25 age bracket here) who routinely indulge in behaviors/espouse attitudes I learned were bullshit when I was thirteen. I’m not the only one to notice this either; I talk to co-workers/friends who are in my own field and age bracket and they say the same thing…what the BLEEPing (CENSORED) (RADIO EDIT) is wrong with these boys??

    Now, my complaints and theirs aren’t rooted in how these males want to pursue “non-standard” activities or personal expressions. No, that behavior tends to provoke a confused “well…okay, do you I guess, hurr hurr” reaction among the men I know. They don’t like it, they don’t get it, but they’re prepared to let it go…mostly because they (like me) did ‘stupid shit’ when they were younger, and they (like me) recognize that ‘stupid shit’ might look different because the world these boys are growing up in is different. So maybe our attitude about men stepping outside gender roles isn’t as tolerant as social progressives would like, but its far from hostile. Its mostly a “you’ll grow out of it” form of indulgence.

    (Note: I know better, but I let my co-workers have their illusions. Sleeping dogs and all that.)

    No, what actually disturbs us are the Brock Turner-types. The guys who think they’re “owed” sex by women, just for being “nice”. Males who want to shoot people because they can’t get laid, or get into pickup artistry, or whatever. Males who adopt these attitudes quite frankly confuse, frighten and anger us. I’ve had numerous conversations with men of my own age group who’ve seen online evidence of this particular narrative and they either

    A: Don’t believe its real, because its so far from what they believe that they can’t accept it exists
    B: Get really offended by it, but aren’t sure what to do beyond making noise about how the individual perpetrator needs to be “dealt with most harshly”
    C: Go all quiet and don’t say much

    Now I can’t be sure, but I think all reactions lead to the same basic feeling…that of “holy shit, what is happening around me that I didn’t see?”

    A lot of people want to say that this is an old problem that’s being uncovered, but after talking to both older women and younger women (plus men in the same age brackets), I disagree. I think its an old problem that’s grown a serious set of teeth.

    My take: Men aren’t being “pussified”. That’s nonsense, and its nonsense on so many levels that the whole point is ludicrous. What is happening; children are being allowed to stay children long past the point where they need to grow up, because if they don’t they’re a threat to everybody. As you know I’ve worked in security, and dealing with a 6’3″ 240lb 20 year old man (one who’s spent most of his “adult” time at the gym either lifting weights or learning how to break people) who has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old isn’t annoying…its goddamn terrifying. And American society is churning that particular type of male out by the truckload. Because those “men” buy products without thinking.

    American masculinity isn’t being feminized…its being commercialized, and the rational actor in the equation is an increasingly irresponsible corporate elite which realizes far too much benefit to even give a glance to the possible negative consequences. America turned manhood into a contest, and is now reaping the results of such a terrible decision.

    Anyhow, I don’t know if this makes any sense at all. Your blog provoked a brain dump. Take it as it is, I guess.


    • “I think it’s an old problem that’s grown a serious set of teeth.”
      That’s my feeling too. The internet is probably helping with that. People who have certain inclinations can now meet with and exchange ideas with other people with those same inclinations. They can create whole subcultures, validate each other, etc. This has had some WONDERFUL results, but it also means that there are Brocks out there actively proselitysing their own views of how women should be treated. It scares the shit outta me. It scares me even more that the raise of that subculture is painfully obvious (anyone can google “red pill” ffs), yet so many people, men in particular, insist that it’s a non-issue.

      I’ve just had a conversation with Rory about an intersecting subject, namely: if you identify as someone who deals with certain problems by applying force/violence, and that possibility is made too costly or you actually realize how costly it is, then what do you do when that problem lands on your lap?

      Say you identify as someone who’d pound a Brock Turner into mince. You’ve made loud public pronouncements as to what you’d do to anyone remotely Brock-like. Then Brock turns up in the news, something ghastly happens to someone you know, or (probably the worst) someone you know turns out to be a Brock. You’re kinda left with 3 options:
      1. wrecking your life by doing something grossly illegal;
      2. wrecking your identity by accepting that you’re not going to do what you so loudly proclaimed you would;
      3. sticking your head in the sand, and pretend it never happened.

      I’ve mostly seen evidence of no.3, and could not understand it until Rory explained the underlying identity issue.
      I know this is a tangent, but maybe it’s not as tangential as all that. Dunno.


      • ” It scares the shit outta me. It scares me even more that the raise of that subculture is painfully obvious (anyone can google “red pill” ffs), yet so many people, men in particular, insist that it’s a non-issue.”

        Sorry to take a quote out of context to say something, but this ties back into what I said earlier, and I’ll say it again with more force…a lot of men (myself included) JUST FLAT DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS BRAND OF THINKING.

        No, really; we don’t get it. It doesn’t just go against our ideals, it goes against some basic piece of education we received growing up that the men who say and do the Brock Turner shit somehow didn’t end up getting. I don’t know what it is or when it happens, but its something elemental. It’s in the “you either have it or you don’t” level of human behavior and psychology.

        As I see it, this is why some guys want to bury their head in the sand and pretend this shit doesn’t exist. Its why others want to beat the individual perpetrator’s ass and call the situation handled. And its why a lot of guys (myself included) are left scratching their heads and wondering where they fit in the gender-equality movement.

        We just don’t get it. The idea of viewing women the way a person like Brock Turner views women DOES. NOT. MAKE. SENSE. It doesn’t compute the way sticking an Apple CPU into a Microsoft motherboard wouldn’t compute. In a way, we’re just as lost as you are as to how to cope with it. Granted, we’re far less likely to be hurt if we don’t cope effectively, but we ARE just as lost as you are as to what we ought to do.

        Now, that’s not to say that men who are on my side of the camp are always nice, perfect gentlemen…oh hell, often times we’re far from it. We can make mistakes the way anyone else can. But our mistakes are generally of the “you’re human, shit happens” variety. That can suck, but it tends not to suck as bad as the “I think you aren’t human, therefore shit happens to YOU” variety. Our mistakes are generally bred out of stupid, and while stupid can be as painful as malice, malice has a nasty habit of being worse due to focus and targeting…

        So anyhow, more brain-dumping. This time it had more focus! I hope it made more sense!


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