Consent & the media.

Lazyblogging. Sorry, but I fried a couple of circuits in the production and editing of “Creepology”, which is coming out on the 12th Oct but is ready for preorder right now. Get it while it’s hot. If you want to hear me talk about it, I’ll be at VioDy in Minnesota in October.

And hey, did you know that if you buy a paperback copy you get the e-book cheap? So you can keep the e-book and give the paperback to someone you don’t like too much? Nothing says “happy holidays” like a book about sex pests, after all.

Anyhoo, check out this article from Cracked, because it’s brilliant.

I’ve had numerous conversations with young and not-so-young men re. inappropriate dating activities. I’ve been told a whole heap of times that if various Hollywood heroes had taken my approach, they would have gone to their deaths having never known the embrace of a woman. Them women: you can treat them like they’re actual human beings or get with them, but not both! The movies tell us so!

I find this particularly ironic when it comes from guys who’re fond of complaining about how Hollywood misrepresents their particular discipline/job/subculture/whatever. Apparently it is possible to spend hours on end going on about how movies spread misinformation about violence/astrophysics/plumbing/giraffes, yet to be willing to fight forevermore for the Right of Man to behave in a socially inappropriate manner and even manhandle women against their consent Because It Worked For John Wayne. Go figure.

And yes, sometimes it works. Thankfully Oglaf explained it to us. Alas, nobody paid any notice.

Oh, while I’m moaning: rapiest mainstream movie ever has got to be “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” Rapiest song I know is probably “Baby It’s Cold Outside” (seriously, what is it, an ad for Rohypnol?). If you can think of anything better, do feel free to link it in the comments, though please refrain from referring to media you would hide from your grandma. We can find our own porn, thank you.


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