Anna Valdiserri

Born in Italy, Anna started travelling at 14. Having spent far too much time hitchhiking and on the streets as an under 5′ woman, she learned a fair bit about the less pleasant side of human nature. She also learnt that being around people who engage in high-risk behaviors has a way of attracting trouble. By the time she was 19 she had learned these lessons across four continents. Through her adventures she learned to recognise, assess, avoid, and de-escalate imminently violent situations. She also learned a lot about effective recovery from those situations where none of those skills proved to be enough.

If you need to get in touch, you can message me through my Facebook page.


Her first book, “A Woman’s Toolkit For Recovery From Violence And Trauma”, distils the knowledge she gained in the trenches about what works to put it back together.

“Ms. Valdiserri has done an amazing thing. The Toolkit is neither an academic treatise nor the screed of a survivor working out personal issues. It is very simply good advice from someone who is good at helping people. When your life goes very badly, there may come a time when you need a non-judgmental but non-coddling guide. Start here.”

Rory Miller, author of “Meditations on Violence”, “Conflict Communication”, “Facing Violence”, and many other works.


Sometimes the worst injuries are the hardest to see. In “Trauma-Aware Self-Defense Instruction,” Anna charts a map through the realm of invisible injury, providing instructors with the tools they need to help those students who need it most.

Praises for Trauma-Aware Self-Defence Instruction:

“If you teach self-defense you will have students come to you with traumatic history. You might know who they are and what that history is— or you might not. This book isn’t about becoming a counselor or a social worker. It is an in depth guide on how not to be an ass when you are working with the children of adversity. And if you, yourself are a survivor of something, it’s a solid kick in the head that not everyone is on the same path or as far along that path as yourself.”
Rory Miller, author of “Meditations on Violence”, “Conflict Communication”, “Facing Violence”, and many other works.



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